Since its creation, WeAre Group has structured itself to promote its international development. Indeed, this opening presents strong interests, those of growth, innovation, diversification and represents a major interest in the accompaniment of our customers on tactical and strategic zones. 24 months after the launch of the operation, we are proud to be able to observe concrete results in a distant environment.

This is how WeAre Pacific was born out of our determination to consolidate our presence in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. The achievement of such a stage must pass by a partnership of confidence with common industrial objectives, commercial and family values a vision carried by innovation. These elements are the only guarantees to conceive a long term adventure.

In 2016, we laid the foundation stone with Yamaichi Special Steel Co. Ltd, represented by Motoharu “Mike” TERANISHI, through the creation of PRISMADD Japan. Following this fruitful collaboration, we decided together to take up the challenge of forming a group in the image of the European model. With 500 employees from Yamaichi Special Steel and the recently acquired Singapore company Globaltronic Precision, WeAre Pacific has a total of 8 plants and 2 offices, including the recently opened WeAre Pacific Tokyo Building. This new group offers fully integrated processes for the aerospace, automotive and medical markets.

This region of the world is undergoing major strategic changes, particularly with the rise of the aeronautical market. With the arrival of Airbus in an industrial landscape historically dominated by Boeing, the local supply chain knows little or no diversification and has so far not integrated.

Our will is therefore to be a player capable of responding to the needs of the existing market, to federate a robust supply chain and to bring our expertise locally to all principals. We want our experts in France to remain attentive to the needs of our teams throughout the world. Sharing our know-how and developing synergies between our structures around the world are the keys to our success!