Come and meet WeAre Group at Paris Air Show 2019

Hall 2A Booth A118

During this 53rd edition, we will present all our subsidiaries around the world. They will be organized by geographical park.
We will also focus on digital technology with touch terminals located on our stand where visitors can discover the group, its activities and its markets. Our parts will be presented through holograms. Our second participation in the Paris Air Show as a Group represents for us the opportunity to:

  • Exchange with our customers and prospects on our respective challenges
  • Highlight our International partnerships success and demonstrate that our « Park » approach answers to the global requirements of high-tech industries with the presence of our international teams
  • Reinforce our image of rigour, agility and strong involvement
  • Affirm our know-how, technical expertise, innovation ability and our committment to be at the cutting-edge of technology
  • Promote our cohesion and cultural diversity


Press release 06/20/2019 : 
WeAre Group continues its international expansion with the signing of an agreement with Feiyue

Press release 06/19/2019 : 
WeAre Group continues its international expansion with the signing of the WeAre India Private Limited joint venture with AURO Mechanicals

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A single group

  • fully integrated and at the same time multi-specialists in France and worldwide
  • A response adapted to the needs of customers and other stakeholders with the most suitable technologies (employees, partners, suppliers, …)

The best technology

  • A process of continuous innovation
  • A solid base of expertise and skills

A new vision

  • Of responsible industry based on strong values, cohesion and performance at the service of the development of all aspects of the AEROSPACE sector.

Our works

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Suply Chain and Quality Improvement Program

Last January, Airbus brought together its main suppliers for the "SQIP Day" or Suply Chain and Quality Improvement Program. WeAre Group was awarded for the 3rd consecutive year. In 2016, the group won the "Best Improver" award, followed by the "Best Performer" award...

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MRO Middle East

February 10, the 2019 edition of the MRO Middle East will take place in Dubai. WeAre is happy to take part in this event for the third consecutive time. Exhibiting year after year allows us to stay connect with the Middle East MRO Industries. It is also a good...

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NEWSLETTER n°8 # Janvier 2019

EDITO Chers collaboratrices et collaborateurs, Tout d’abord je vous présente à toutes et à tous mes meilleurs vœux pour une superbe année 2019. Mais avant de parler de cette nouvelle année revenons sur 2018… L’année a été marquée par une accélération du niveau...

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