By joining WeAre,
you are joining
an exciting

is an innovative young group.

The company is shaping a new vision of the industry and is gradually applying the most advanced technologies and approaches (additive manufacturing, robotics, digitalization, etc.).

The company is experiencing rapid growth. It plans to double its turnover in the short term, and strengthen its capability in certain key professions.

We love industrial and technological challenges, we want to share our passion to create and build an agile industrial company. We are building a business that favors excellence, autonomy and employee development.

Our Professions

has around 1000 employees.

The company is active in many professions in the aeronautical industry, in traditional areas (machining, surface treatment, assembly) and in the additive manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing professions

Machining center operators, manufacturing agents, unit managers, team leaders, quality controllers.

Design office professions

NC/CADCAM programmer, CAD designer, method technician, computing engineer, etc.

Operational support professions

Supply chain, procurement, supply, scheduling, quality.

in the WeAre Group

Working in WeAre
means being in an environment that offers :

  • The challenges of an industrial start-up
    Ultra-rapid growth, innovation and continual reassessment, a multitude of cross-cutting projects
  • The benefits of a structured industrial group
    Growth prospects, training and skills development
  • The advantages of a business with a family culture
    Proximity to managers, autonomy and rapid progress to personal accountability

We have just created the WEARE ACADEMY, our training school for leading-edge professions in our fields, to train new recruits in order to integrate them more quickly, and to continuously enhance the skills of our experts.

How do i apply?

WeAre Academy

WeAre Academy Corporate University of WeAre


The ambitions
of the WeAre Academy

  • Accelerate the professionalization of new recruits to make them operational more quickly in the Group’s key activities
  • Supplement the skills of the Group’s employees to offer them new career prospects
  • Help structure the aeronautical ecosystem to which we belong by opening our training courses to external partners

The WeAre Academy is organized into five schools dedicated to the Group’s technical professions and includes a cross-functional school for training the Group’s managers.