Toulouse, Montauban, April 2017,

PRISMADD HAS SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTED 3DTRUST’S SOLUTION at its AM factory in Montauban (Toulouse Area, France).

Prismadd’s factory in Montauban is specialized in the production of high-quality metal additive manufacturing parts especially for the aerospace industry.

The objective of implementing 3dTrust’s solution is to benefit from a production management tool that will automate the workflow within the Prismadd factory. Thanks to 3dTRUST’s digital platform, it is now possible to centralize, organize, and secure the storage of printing data, digitalize the factory by connecting the different AM machines to a single tool avoiding unnecessary physical interactions between the technicians and the machines as well as having a detailed traceability over the actions made on the files and printing jobs in compliance with the requirements of demanding industries.

By implementing 3dTRUST’s solution, Prismadd shows its ambition to digitalize its factory and operations. 3dTrust will further collaborate with Prismadd to enhance its product and provide a solution to efficiently manage production across the different Prismadd locations around the world.

According to Philippe Rivière, CEO of PRISMADD, “meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations is our priority and this starts by constantly challenging our internal processes to offer more efficiency and traceability at all stages of the manufacturing process. We believe that 3dTrust’s solution will become the standard production management tool in the AM industry.”

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Prismadd is an additive manufacturing leader, subsidiary of the WeAre Aerospace group, specialized in the production of complex metal and plastic parts for the aerospace industry.

Prismadd is present on the entire value chain with a vertical integration and a global presence with manufacturing sites all around the globe, each specialized in a different material/process combination.



3dTrust develops software solutions dedicated to the additive manufacturing industry.

3dTrust’s platform enables to organize, secure, and exchange manufacturing data between the ordering customers and the printshops. Furthermore, 3dTrust production management tool aims to help printshops efficiently run their factories by connecting the machines and monitoring realtime manufacturing information to optimize production cycles, costs, quality and traceability.

3dTrust is hosted by the Airbus BizLab, Airbus Group’s accelerator since September 2015.