On October 4th and 5th, the second edition of the WeAre managers’ seminar took place in Niort. As with the previous year, this event brought together more than a hundred people from all the sites in France and North Africa.

This get-together, which succeeded in being simultaneously friendly, studious and dynamic, wrapped up a unifying year for the whole group.

At the previous seminar, the Executive Committee had delivered strong and ambitious messages for the development of WeAre Group. This latest key event was an opportunity for everyone to measure the progress made:  we have been able to rapidly grow our organization and fulfil the commitments made in 2017, in order to adapt to our markets and the needs of our customers in France and abroad.

This sharing of the past year’s results enabled everyone to contribute to the development of the 2019 roadmap. Throughout the day, the teams rallied around our challenges and shared in our group’s dynamic momentum.

This year, aware of the paramount importance of the human factor, we wanted to provide a strong opening by organizing a presentation on the theme “Everything is possible thanks to neuroscience”.

This opportunity for discussion highlighted the importance of placing people at the heart of our challenges and our industrial strategy, and reaffirmed that our company’s strength is based on the family values that have shaped our history.

Pascal Farella


Presentation on neuroscience and management

Given by Erwan Devèze, consultant in neuroscience and management.

Success belongs to everyone, it is teamwork that deserves the credit.

This presentation was an opportunity for participants to discover or revisit how our performance and fulfilment at work are connected.

Confirmation for some, discovery for others, surprise for a few, the message conveyed by science is simple and reassuring: our brains can evolve throughout our lives.

It is therefore possible for anyone to question themselves and progress as long as they become aware of their potential and assume responsibility.

This very positive message should inspire each of us and enable us all, collectively, to meet the challenges of the company!

More about it: http://www.neuroperformance.fr
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/erwan-deveze-76004b87



The participants met in the plenary room at 8am to start a new day. On the morning’s agenda was a presentation of the year’s results with a review of the actions launched at the previous seminar. Pascal Farella and the management team also went over the group’s operations, general organization, industrial model, markets, businesses, technologies and, of course, all the projects launched over the past year.

Then each site director gave an assessment of his production unit: review of the activity, financial results and presentation of their outlook for 2019.

In a group that is constantly changing, it was a great opportunity for employees old and new to measure the progress made and gain a better understanding of the challenges to be met (performance, competitiveness, structuring, attentiveness to customer needs, etc.).

Afternoon: Themed workshops

The afternoon activities brought managers together in business-specific working groups. They were all able to critically examine the current functioning of the company and then make proposals for improvement.

While maintaining a friendly but at the same time very studious dynamic, the participants specifically addressed both operational and strategic subjects, such as the factory of the future, development of the information system, improving how production is organized, management of industrial projects, etc.


The findings constitute a valuable contribution, and the Management team is already using them to complete the group’s future roadmap.
See you at the end of 2019 to assess the implementation of all these proposals!























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