The WEARE Group and the CETIM have decided to combine their forces to build a joint international network of test and control centers, specializing in the analysis and testing of materials and parts, especially those related to the development of additive manufacturing technologies.
For both parties, this agreement provides a way to strengthen their development in all the countries where they operate, now and in the future.

Daniel Richet, Chief Regional and International Development Officer, CETIM
For the CETIM, signing this MOU reaffirms our commitment to international development and to working more closely with industrial partners with a strong technological orientation, especially as regards the characterization of parts created by additive manufacturing.

Philippe Rivière, COO Additive & CEO WEARE International
This Agreement is a practical expression of our strategy to integrate our additive manufacturing value chain by complementing our offer with a proposal for testing services in all countries where WEARE and the CETIM operate.

WEARE Group was founded in 2016 from the consolidation of several family businesses based in France: Chatal, E.S.P.A.C.E., Comefor, BOUY, Farella and Prismadd. WEARE Group creates competitive solutions adapted to the needs of its customers in the fields of aeronautics, space, defense, energy, transport and healthcare. Thanks to its entirely integrated production process, from raw materials to sub-assemblies, using both cutting-edge conventional techniques and additive manufacturing, the Group can serve both Europe and Asia, whether in R&D projects or in mass production.

The CETIM is the French Technical Centre for Mechanical Industries and has been awarded the Carnot Label as a testing institute. It fosters innovative programs and oversees major multi-partner industrial or R&D projects, focusing on five principal themes: design, simulation and testing – manufacturing processes and materials – mechatronics, inspection and measurement – sustainable development – management and support for SMEs.
Since 2007, it has been pursuing a strategy of growth by setting up specialized subsidiaries in France, Morocco, Tunisia and Asia.