As part of an industrial agreement with an international aircraft constructor, WEARE Group has announced the signing of a technology partnership agreement with the company AddUp concerning
the aeronautical qualification of the latter’s FormUp 350 machine.

Vincent Ferreiro, CEO AddUp
The agreement signed with WEARE will enable AddUp to accelerate its policy of developing additive manufacturing machines to suit the requirements for the mass production of critical parts intended for the aviation market.

Philippe Rivière, COO Additive & CEO WEARE International
The agreement signed with AddUp strengthens the technological competence of WEARE Group’s additive manufacturing business. It will broaden the range of industrial solutions that PRISMADD, the Group’s additive manufacturing subsidiary, can deploy to meet the needs of its major customers.

WEARE Group was founded in 2016 from the consolidation of several family businesses based in France: Chatal, E.S.P.A.C.E., Comefor, BOUY, Farella and Prismadd. WEARE Group creates competitive solutions adapted to the needs of its customers in the fields of aeronautics, space, defense, energy, transport and healthcare. Thanks to its entirely integrated production process, from raw materials to sub-assemblies, using both cutting-edge conventional techniques and additive manufacturing, the Group can serve both Europe and Asia, whether in R&D projects or in mass production.

The company is owned 50-50 by Michelin and Fives, and has its headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand. The purpose of this joint venture is to let its customers benefit from its unique experience and know-how by
developing and marketing machines and industrial production workshops anywhere in the world, using metal 3D printing technology.