WeAre Group and NOVAE Aerospace announce the signature of a partnership agreement aimed at furthering their international development. This innovative offer will take shape this year through the creation of WeAre India, in Nagpur, and Novae India, and the establishment of an Industry Park and a Service Park, planned for November 2019.

The WeAre Group and NOVAE Aerospace management teams have signed a memorandum of understanding formalizing both groups’ ambition to seek mutual synergies between their international initiatives.

The agreement will lead to sharing of commercial information and pooling of operational resources (sites, teams, networks, know-how, etc.). It reflects WeAre Group’s determination to accelerate its international expansion and forge strategic partnerships to foster the establishment of new sites, and NOVAE Aerospace’s desire to pursue the export development of its industrial and service offer. This agreement is initially being implemented this year through the creation of WeAre India, a structure set up to forge partnerships with Indian companies and target the aviation, defense and space markets.

WeAre India plans to open an Industry Park for its lathing, milling and panelwork activities by the end of 2019, and is studying the feasibility of establishing a second focus of activity dedicated to special
processes (NDT, surface treatment and painting).
NOVAE India will initially work in the country on developing its offers in Technical Assistance to Project Owners, Industrial Transfers and the related Technical Training, as well as on seeking commercial opportunities
for its product and equipment maintenance and repair activities.

The signature of this agreement with WeAre Group confirms the NOVAE Aerospace Group’s strategy of building strong, meaningful partnerships with leading aeronautical mid-caps, supporting its clients in their international development and growing its own business outside France.
Sébastien TAVEAU, CEO of NOVAE


The signature of the WeAre/NOVAE agreement and the announcement of the creation of WeAre India demonstrate WeAre Group’s determination to pursue its international development both to support its strategic clients and promote its diversification strategy.
The Indian market has great future potential and WeAre Group is aiming for strong growth here.
Philippe RIVIERE, CEO of WeAre International
and responsible for the development of WeAre Group

Overview of the NOVAE Aerospace Group
NOVAE is a French mid-cap specialized in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of aerostructures and complex systems, as well as in engineering and assistance with industrial and digital project management,
training, and innovative solutions for digital learning.
NOVAE currently has 450 employees at two plants and 10 offices in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and revenues of €45 million.
NOVAE’s strategic priority is to make its industrial and service offer available to its international clients in order to support them in their major development projects.

Overview of the WEARE Group
Founded in 2016, WeAre Group specializes in the manufacture of small mechanical parts with high technological value and complex small sub-assemblies. The group has a historical presence in France and has established sites in Morocco and Tunisia, as well as in Asia, where it operates in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The WeAre Group designs competitive solutions tailored to the needs of its clients in the aeronautical, space, defense, energy, transportation and medical sectors. Thanks to its fully integrated production process, from materials through to sub-assemblies, and its expertise with advanced conventional techniques and additive manufacturing, the Group can supply Europe and Asia in terms of both R&D projects and mass production.

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