On April 30, we celebrated the opening of the “WeAre Pacific Tokyo Building”, our headquarters for operations in the region, which is articulated between 3 spaces :

  • ♦ On the ground floor, a “French Fab” exhibition hall, highlighting technologies for the industry of the future. This space, open to the public, can host networking evenings. Innovators will present their concepts, products, services and all the breakthrough technologies that resonate with our industrial developments in France and around the world.
  • ♦ On the first floor, the relay of our “command center” is dedicated to the development of the group in Japan and Asia Pacific for the aeronautics sector. Like the Blagnac-based central, it combines essential strategic and performance skills, a sales force, Supply Chain and Quality functions, localized communication and a WeAre Academy training centre.
  • ♦ There is also a niche “French Tech” incubator, which can accommodate 3 start-ups developing IoT and Data technologies for industrial applications. These startups selected by a jury of experts will be accompanied and supported by the group.
  • ♦ The more informal top floor allows us to welcome clients and partners with whom we share special relationships in a more family atmosphere, in a dwelling with a terrace. A place of conviviality, in conformity with our image.

It was therefore with great attention that we were able to receive the French Ambassador Laurent PIC, as well as Mr TODA, Vice-Director Aircraft Component and Material Industries Office at METI, who each gave an inaugural speech. Among our guests present, the members of GIFAS and their SJAC counterparts, the actors of the French Tech Tokyo Hub, the President of Nakamura-Tome as well as our Halbronn partners who made the trip. Our major Japanese customers and international partners such as MHI, Toyota, NISSAN, Dassault Systems were also present.

This event received the support of Business France, with whom we duplicated directly from the Hanover Fair, the French Fab exhibition presenting the new book on Industry in France for which WeAre Group opened its doors to photographers.